Charli Hilton


Pilates Instructor

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Charli started a career in medical communications after graduating with a BSc in Biochemistry from King’s College London. Whilst working she experienced debilitating widespread chronic pain for years. No medical professionals were able to help her with and after receiving many diagnoses, including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, she eventually found her way out of pain using a combination of pilates, neuroscience understanding, and brain retraining. After making a full recovery, she took a career change to follow her passion in helping others experiencing pain.

She uses a combination of pilates, up-to-date research on the nervous system, and her biochemistry background to teach others how they too can help themselves with their pain. Her pilates style is a fusion of classical and contemporary, with a focus on technique and mindful movement.

Outside of MHG, Charli teaches group mat and reformer classes at studios in London, as well as 1:1s. She also enjoys delivering educational workshops on chronic pain When she is not in clinic, you’ll find Charli in the gym, in a pool, or walking outdoors with friends!

For more info please contact the Front of House team at Marylebone Health on 020 7637 7677 or email