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CPEX lab

Comprehensive Heart and Lung Stress Tests (CPET)

A CPEX test is designed to gather information on how the heart and lungs perform during a period of exercise taken to maximum exertion in a clinically controlled environment. Includes V02 max.

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physiology fitness

Men’s & Women’s Health

Our specific Men’s & Women’s Health Services are bespoke to your needs and goals. Our team work together ensuring clear communication and seamless support to get you back to feeling fit and well again; whether that’s through pregnancy, surgery, menopause, prostatectomy and more.

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Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Whether sport is your profession, your passion or you are just starting out, our specialist services can help you with everything fro Professional Bike Fits to breathing training. We have specialists that can help you to become beyond better.

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CPEX lab

Sport & Exercise Medicine, Physiotherapy, Pilates & soft tissue

Our expert physiotherapists, Pilates teachers, Sports therapists, Soft tissue therapists and rehab specialists have extensive knowledge and experience with Olympic teams and elite athletes as well as the everyday enthusiast.

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physiology fitness

Personalised Nutrition & Dietetics

The Marylebone Health Nutrition, Diet & Performance Packages are designed around the individual needs of the busiest athletes, founders, C-level executives, athletes and performing artists.

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Sports Performance

Intensive Rehabilitation

Our team team includes world leading specialists in medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathy and rehabilitation, providing the best in Sport and Exercise Medicine all under one roof.

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CPEX lab

Strength Diagnostics

Mitigate injury risk and successfully return to what you love. Our specialist Strength diagnostics can help you on your injury risk reduction, rehabilitation, or performance journey. Each level of service will give you a numerical level of your output and measure that through a bespoke report against norms and peers

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physiology fitness

Sleep & Lifestyle Medicine

Sleep is now widely recognised as an important factor in the performance of executives & athletes with studies showing that sleep counselling can not only improve performance but also that ineffective sleep may be more prevalent than previously suspected. The combination of diet, exercise, sleep & stress management is vital to longevity.

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Sports Performance

Psychology, Coaching & Wellbeing

We offer coaching, guidance & therapy for individuals, couples, families and within networks. These therapies can include: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Open Dialogue.

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Our Executive Health & Longevity Packages are at the heart of everything we do, helping you get more out of your health and live better for longer.

Executive Performance

Do you need to increase productivity, reduce procrastination, and improve efficiency? Our team can develop a plan for optimal performance.

Executive Mindset

Designed for busy executives and business owners, this package supports you both psychologically and with lifestyle interventions to maintain a healthy mindset.

Return to Sport

Designed for both the recreational and the pro athlete to help you meet the demands of your chosen sport at any level. This programme will help you achieve your desired end point.

Injury Prevention

This programme involves an intensive period to build up the capacity for what you want to achieve. This could be a work or sport related injury or persistent problem.

MHG Executive Health & longevity Packages are designed around the individual needs of the busiest Executives, Founders, Athletes, Investors, enthusiasts and performing artists.

Our Senior team direct the plan, alongside a team of over forty experts; including James Moore (previously Head of Performance Team GB), Prof Mike Loosemore MBE (Lead Physician British Boxing & UK Sports Institute) and a dedicated management team.

Maintaining & improving life-long health and performance (business, cognitive, personal and physical) and living not only longer but better for longer, is the overarching goal encompassed by our motto, “Beyond Better“.

Our dedicated team work with not just professional athletes and executives but across a vast range of health, lifestyle and performance needs.

We draw on years of experience in Olympic and elite sport and proudly practise our same ‘Olympic-style’ methodology (integrating nutrition & dietetics, psychology, physiology, sleep, stress-resilience, biomechanics and specialist medical care) to help not only those at their peak but also to help patients survive and thrive through cardiac concerns, diabetes, cancer and other complex diseases.

Our experience and research with the most clinically complex patients gives us the confidence to handle any situation or level of risk for all clients and patients.

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The CPEX Lab (V02 max)

Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing (CPEX) is the gold-standard assessment of the simultaneous function of the heart and lungs during exercise. The team at Marylebone Health provide CPEX testing for a wide range of clients including pre and post operative patients through to elite athletes. Tests are available everyday from our team of expert Physiologists.

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