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Marylebone Health (formerly known as CHHP) is London’s leading lifestyle, health, performance and sports injury clinic. Based in London’s medical district at 76 Harley Street and with extensive rehab facilities in both Marylebone & Chelsea; MHG is the preeminent leader in Lifestyle, Sports Medicine and Human Performance.

With a team collectively spanning experience of over 300 years and covering multiple Olympic games, professional Rugby, Tennis, Premier league and International track and field athletics, MHG takes the magic applied to Elite athletes and applies it to everyone who wants to be fitter, stronger and more productive for longer; from cancer patient to weekend warrior or executive.

Our team includes specialists across Lifestyle & Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Sleep, Respiratory diagnostics, Specialist Physiotherapy, Dietetics and Strength & Conditioning, alongside cardiovascular screening and health management.

As well as multiple health and performance services, we are proud to offer executive packages helping you stay healthier and fitter for longer with ongoing guidance and monitoring.

All of our packages begin with a bespoke assessment to ensure a holistic view of your health. This ensures no unnecessary tests are performed and your assessment is directly linked to your health, lifestyle and performance goals before your programme begins. This will take between 4 – 6 hours but can be spread over a few separate visits.

Please contact us for your personal quote and the latest availability.

Executive Performance

Do you need to increase productivity, reduce procrastination, and improve efficiency? Our team can develop a plan for optimal performance.

Executive Mindset

Designed for busy executives and business owners, this package supports you both psychologically and with lifestyle interventions to maintain a healthy mindset.

Return to Sport

Designed for both the recreational and the pro athlete to help you meet the demands of your chosen sport at any level. This programme will help you achieve your desired end point.

Injury Prevention

This programme involves an intensive period to build up the capacity for what you want to achieve. This could be a work or sport related injury or persistent problem.

The Packages in Detail

The Programmes

Programmes are built around ‘Quarterly Cycles’. There is weekly contact with you or your clinician / coach tracking all the agreed objectives and goals for the. Weeks 4, 8 and 12 for example, we will have more in-depth check-ins (ideally at MHG but it can also be remote). The Week 12 check in is a fuller review and reassessment if required.

If anything crops up with your health in the meanwhile we provide support and referrals / prescriptions. At the end of the Quarterly Cycle, we decide together if the programme has been delivered, and if it is beneficial for you (and your organisation where appropriate).

If you wish to continue we adapt and re-prescribe for the programme for the next cycle with the same structure but new goals. At around the end of the 4th quarter there will be a more in-depth review of health, performance and risk factors again if required.

Most of our clients continue as a lifelong programme throughout their careers and beyond, though the cadence and intensity of the services required changes according to location and needs.

What’s not included?

Except for the most inclusive international private healthcare policies our programmes are not classified as a medical interventions or investigations by insurance companies and are therefore not covered. If there is a legitimate medical issue and what we are organising in the programme is classified as a reimbursable item this is normally covered by your insurance.

While our programmes may include objectives such as screening for cancer, heart disease and dementia risk etc. specialist investigations and imaging are normally not included, though we can include very comprehensive blood panels and cardio-respiratory and metabolic health and performance testing as standard.

Is this suitable for you or your company?

We are patient and sensitive to the time constraints of people leading busy lives, who enjoy the flexible access to our team and facilities, plus our medical help at home and abroad if the need arises.

The programme does require some time investment and a degree of commitment for both sides to achieve their goals, so every month is an opportunity to review if / how the programme is performing for you, and for the wider needs of your team, family or company.

Thank you!

On behalf of all of us here at Marylebone Health, thank you for coming to visit or considering a programme.

This is quite a lot to digest and, in addition, we have developed a lot of technology and tools that help us run our programmes:.

Please let any of our team know if there is any more information you’d like or if you’re interested please drop us a line.

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