Sarah Hodson

BA(hons) MSMA Graston Practitioner

Soft Tissue Therapist

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Sarah Hodson specialises in enhanced performance and holistic well-being of the individual. With a clinical and targeted approach, Sarah offers expert manual therapy to effectively treat tendons, muscles, and ligaments, advancing the healing process by reducing tensile and compressive stress on the body; blending various innovative techniques to release the soft tissue with the combination of informed touch, breath work, stretching and tools assisted mobilisation of the tissues to encourage the mind and the body to tap into its own innate inner healing process.

Sarah takes a holistic perspective, recognising the interplay of mind, body, and soul and her skills include Integrated Myofascial Therapy. By understanding the pillars of health, Sarah empowers the individual to engage during treatment to increase confidence and promote recovery. Sarah brings a nuanced approach to addresses physical ailments and to nurture mental and emotional well-being, helping to calm an often- overstimulated nervous system.

Drawing from her extensive experience in elite sports, including supporting three Olympic Cycles at the English Institute of Sport and British Olympic Association; Team GB HQ during London 2012, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice and the team at Marylebone Health Group. Sarah is an advanced Graston Technique Practitioner & an Accredited Level 4 SMA member.

For more info please contact the Front of House team at Marylebone Health on 020 7637 7677 or email