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There is increasing recognition within the medical establishment as well as the popular press that sleep is a key pillar of health and well-being that has been oft neglected.

It has been suggested that 1 out of every 20 individuals suffer from a disease of sleep, most commonly obstructive sleep apnoea. However as many as 1 in 3 of the general population struggle with ineffective of insufficient sleep due to the pressures of modern living and this burden is currently an unmet need.

Service in Detail

About the Clinic

The MHG sleep clinic aims to deliver a holistic service for the investigation of sleep disordered breathing, insomnia and ineffective sleep. Management of lifestyle related issues is paramount along with a strong theme of innovation within the clinical framework at MHG.

Sleep investigations will include overnight domiciliary sleep study (Phillips AliceTM), actigraphy, RGB light monitoring (actiwatchTM), EEG monitoring (sleep profilerTM) and environmental monitoring (Resmed S+ sleep trackerTM). Diagnosis and management of sleep disorders will follow national guidance alongside digital tools tailored to each individual.

We aim to provide a comprehensive service to assess and optimise sleep to encompass both subjective improvement and objective measures employing the following techniques:

  • Assessment of sleep disorder (clinical assessment, sleep study, chronotyping, relevant blood investigations)
  • Assessment of activity in relation to sleep duration/quality including timing and degree of light exposure (actigraphy- with RGB light assessment)
  • Subjective assessment of sleep (sleep diary)
  • Relationship of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and exercise on sleep duration and quality
  • Sleep hygiene assessment including objective measurement of bedroom temperature, light and ambient noise.
  • Objective measurements of sleep quality and insomnia (Epworth sleepiness score, insomnia severity index etc).
  • Sleep counselling including cognitive and behavioural modification.
  • If international travel planned – personalised remedial intervention schedule to minimise circadian disruption.

Sleep Optimisation

In addition we offer a unique service in ‘sleep optimisation’ to meet the needs of high performing individuals to ensure optimal attainment in their chosen discipline. It is anticipated that 2-3 sessions will be required for most individuals. Initially to meet with the patient, perform a detailed assessment and provide sleep counselling/ education.

Following this there will be a planned period of sleep monitoring before reconvening to deliver a personalised regime to improve sleep quality and duration.

A period of reassessment will then be required to demonstrate objective response measured by personal report, actigraphy, sleep diary and standardised questionnaires. Patients with primary insomnia will require further sessions for cognitive and behavioural interventions (CBT-I generally delivered over 6-8 sessions).

Sleep disruption is common in individuals with chronic health conditions and it is a vital part of your health management.

Consultations are one hour and are available on request with Dr Jim Brown, our sleep specialist.

For bookings, prices and information please contact us on 0207 637 7677 or email

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