Professional Bike Fits

Are you a keen or professional cyclist or triathlete looking to get the most out of your performance and stay injury free ? Positional analysis of your cycling position is performed using the RETUL 3D motion capture camera to simultaneously gather data on multiple angles of the cyclist through three planes of movement.

The system captures data providing information on movement at the upper body, hip, knee and ankle, but also lateral motion that may have a negative contribution to performance and/ or injury.

The system depicts how a rider is interacting with the bike and is a useful diagnostic tool for investigating cycling related injury and help identify any key parameters that can be contributing to pain and injury that otherwise remain undiagnosed.

You do not have to be injured – a further benefit of the process is to minimise the risk of injury by optimising your position and cycling efficiency.

The Process

Pre-fit consultation

A pre-fit consultation to ascertain a history of your level of cycling, cycling related pain or injury and discuss specific goals whether it’s better comfort – making your cycling experience more enjoyable whilst reducing the risk of injury or Performance – finding your optimal position to maximise power, endurance, and reduce the risk of injury.

Musculoskeletal Screening

Using a battery of well-validated tests to gain an in-depth understanding of your movement patterns and investigate any relationships to any injury history and limitations that transfer onto the bike.

Retul Fit

8 LED markers are placed on specific anatomical landmarks to track real-time 3D data as you pedal using the Retul motion capture system. Initial data of your baseline position will be discussed and continued feedback will be given as any positional changes through a process of adjustments to saddle and handlebar position, are made in order to determine your optimal position.

Final Report

A complete final report will include all biometric data and a digital map of your bike measurements. As reviewing and optimising bike position is an on-going process, any relevant observations and recommendations, especially if there are any fundamental changes that are required, will be discussed including a plan to implement any future adaptations.

What to bring: Cycling kit and cycling shoes & a clean bike.

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