CPET- Comprehensive Heart and Lung Stress Test

Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing is designed to gather information on how the heart and lungs perform during a period of exercise taken to maximum exertion in a clinically controlled environment.

Service in Detail


  1. VO2 Max (aerobic capacity/maximum rate of oxygen consumption)
  2. Lactate threshold (LT/VT1/AT1)
  3. Respiratory compensation point (VT2/AT2/Lactic acid overload threshold)
  4. Aerobic power output
  5. Heart rate response during exercise

3 Key Benefits

  1. Heart and lung stress test to determine if dynamic heart and lung response is normal.
  2. Provides an objective measurement of cardiovascular fitness and key performance indicators of aerobic fitness.
  3. Prescription of cardiovascular exercise to ensure exercise is effective and appropriate for current state of fitness in order to reach fitness related goals.

Who needs the test

  1. Any pre or post op patient looking to maximise or monitor effective recovery
  2. Any person embarking on an exercise regime wanting to check their heart and lungs function normally under maximum stress
  3. Any person embarking on a fitness challenge who may want to maximise training zones around lactic threshold.
  4. Any person seeking improvement in their aerobic or cardiovascular capability who would like to know more about how to train effectively and be able to monitor improvements.

Laboratory services begin at £185 per hour up to £599 for a full clinical assessment and report with one of our Leading Performance Science experts.

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